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Return to Love

Orthopedic Massage Workshops

Warriors in Recovery partners with James Waslaski from Center for Pain Management with Massage Workshops providing education for providers and complimentary services to Warriors.

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Clean Water Mission

Return to Love sent a team of Warriors to support the building of three clean water wells ​in multiple towns in Liberia, West Africa.  While the goal was to assist an impoverished area of Africa with humanitarian aid, a secondary goal was accomplished by providing our warriors with a renewed sense of purpose and drive toward a continuing mission during their military to civilian transition. 

Warriors in Recovery relief efforts in P

Hurricane Relief in Puerto-Rico

After the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico and neighboring countries in dire need of aid.  Return to Love began to act quickly gathering over 20K pounds of humanitarian aid, i.e. drinking water, can goods, and generators, through Colorado Springs community efforts.  With the assistance of Peces, a non-for profit organization based in Puerto Rico, and US military joint efforts the goods were delivered and distributed to the Puerto Rican people.

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